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The brake system is one of the important parts of the vehicle. Failure in the brake pads can lead to brake failure and thus life-threatening major accidents. For this reason, first of all, you should have the necessary checks done during the periodic maintenance of your vehicles.

We provide you with the necessary support when you need brake pad service. Sometimes you drive your car for months with worn out brake pads without realizing it. The driver rarely notices this situation. Sometimes it is noticed when there is a decrease in the grip of the brakes. However, if you do not have the slightest knowledge about the vehicle, most of the time you will not be aware of the situation.

To replace brake pads in vehicles, you should definitely contact our expert team. After the replacement, your vehicle is tested and delivered to you without any problems.

The Importance of Brake Fluid Service
It is envisaged that brake fluid service should be performed every 2 years using appropriate devices. If the appropriate device is not used or the service time is missed, this may lead to major problems in your brake system.

Importance of Brake System Service
According to the standards, brake pads must be measured with a special tool. For this reason, the Brake Service Times displayed on the Central Information Screen and the Measured Value may differ. Brake Pad Wear Depends on Usage. When changing pads, the discs should be measured with a special tool, the brake channels should be cleaned, and the pads should be polished.

Brake pads are one of the most important parts of the vehicle's system consisting of brakes and shock absorbers. It can be said that it is the last stage of a series of sequential processes that start after you press the brake pedal. When you press the brake pedal of the vehicle, you activate the oil in the system. Hydraulic oil affects the system under pressure. Hydraulic oil pumped into the hoses in the system squeezes the brake pads and puts pressure on the brake discs, and the vehicle stops or slows down with the power of the pads.

When to Replace Brake Pads?
There is no clear time given for the pad replacement in question. Many factors such as the vehicle's engine power, total weight, and the way the vehicle is used affect the life of the pads. However, the most important factor in brake pad system failure or wear, and therefore in pad replacement, is the frequency of applying the brakes. It is necessary to obtain information on this subject during periodic maintenance. Generally, brake pads are checked every 15 thousand km. If wear is detected during these checks, replacement must be made. Problems such as brake pad failure, wear and tear endanger safe driving.

Brake Pad Replacement Prices
Brake system and pad replacement are important operations for motor vehicles. It must be done by experienced and expert people. Otherwise, incorrect operations may cause serious dangers to driver, passenger, pedestrian and vehicle safety. You can request a quote from AST Auto Service to get a brake pad replacement price.

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