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Fault Detection and Solution

You can call us to detect and solve any malfunction of your vehicle.

Your car; Engine Failure, Mechanical Problem, Automatic and Manual Transmission Problem, Undercarriage, Electronic and Electrical Problem, Periodic Oil and Filter Maintenance, Free General Check-up, Technical Inspection Preparation, Brake Pad, Pressure Pad, Clutch Set, Triptronic, Mechatronic, Brake Disc Mirror, Axle, Control Arm, Tie Rod End, Tie Rod, Steering Box, Steering Pump, Hanger Rod, Carrier, Shock Absorber, Brake Center, Injector, Turbo, Egr, Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning, DPF, Catalyst, Manifold, Intercooler, Water Radiator , Air Conditioning Gas, Air Conditioning Compressor, Cylinder Head Gasket, Valve, Timing Set, Water Circulation, Thermostat, V Belt, V Belt Tensioner Ball, Oil Pump, Piston Ring, Main Arm Bearing, Granite Bearing, Crankshaft, Crank Pulley, Camshaft Chain Repair, Maintenance and Repair of all Operations such as Set, Timing Belt, Antifreeze, Brake Hydraulic Oil, Transmission Oil, BSI Computer, ECU Computer, ABS Computer, SAM Computer, FHM Computer, Transmission Filter, Crankcase, DPF Fluid, AdBlue, Wheel Ball, Wheel Hub. The operations are carried out at AST Auto Service.

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