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What is Battery?

A battery, whose full name is accumulator, is a unit used to store electricity. It is the part that provides motion energy to the starter dynamo during the first cranking and operates the electrical components in the vehicle. The battery has a structure that can be discharged and charged as it is used. If the vehicle does not start (no "click" when you press the starter), the battery is dead. So, how often should the battery be changed?

How Many Years Should the Battery Be Changed?

The answer to the question of how often the battery should be changed is directly related to the frequency of use of the vehicle. The battery is a self-discharging unit that can be discharged when not in use. However, instead of replacing a discharged battery (if the battery is healthy), it will be sufficient to supplement the battery. If the battery is not charging, that is, it is dead or the battery is defective, it needs to be replaced. The life of the battery is related to the type of use and place of use. In summary; The life of the batteries is directly related to the number of starts and usage conditions. For example, high ambient temperature and intensive cycle use shorten the life of the battery. For this reason, it is important to choose batteries according to the place of use.

The answer to the question of expectation for battery life or how many years should the battery be changed can be given as follows:

Average 4-5 years for passenger vehicles

For commercial vehicles, it is 2-4 years.

How do we know if there is a problem with the battery?

Vehicles have a battery warning light. The sign in the form of a box with plus and minus signs that lights up when the ignition is turned on is the battery warning lamp. The light of this sign should go off immediately after the car starts. If it does not go off, there is a problem with the battery. Here, answers should be sought to the questions of whether the battery is charging, whether the battery is dead or whether the battery is faulty.

Battery Replacement Prices

Battery replacement prices and battery prices may vary. Here, many criteria such as brand, battery waiting time on the shelf and service provider affect the battery price.

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